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The comfortable Be Nursing Pillow is very useful for both infants and adults. Made in Spain. By Cambrass.- Subfamilia: 1578

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    Composition: CLOTH: 100% COTTON

The Be nursing pillow measures 16x110x63 cm. and is ideal for use during pregnancy and lactation, whether breast or bottle feeding. During lactation it serves both the baby and the mother (or adult). In this case, the pillow provides adults with comfortable arm support (which prevents and relieves stress on the wrist, elbow and back). It allows the baby to breastfeed more comfortably and safely thanks to the cushion supporting its head and shoulders, avoiding sudden movements. In addition, upon laying its head on the pillow and not on adult skin, the annoying sweat from body heat is avoided. This cushion is also a aid for improving adult reclining comfort, as it supports legs and back, producing a relaxing effect (especially during pregnancy). In addition, it can be used as a cushion to support the baby while resting in the crib, bed or play blanket. Its washable cover ensures proper hygiene for baby and adult. Made in Spain. By Cambrass.